The Blackest Night
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First Pokol
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The Blackest Night was the first ironclad ship in the world, designed by Jamie Narvineous and funded by the Midnight Hands. It was completed in 658 AU and came fully functional with gunpowder and cannons. In the winter of 659 AU, it was destroyed in Blackport by Mary the Mute and Grit Maynard in a hectic battle against Doctor Pestilence. The remains, however, were recovered by the Pineland's navy and used in their future ship designs.

Background Edit

The concept of the ironclad was first thought up after the failed attempted to take Avo in 655 AU. Jamie Narvineous had conceived of the idea years before but finally had the resources to manage it thanks to his organization's holdings in Pokol and its relations with Cheng. The entire ship had to be made from Wultz Steel, crafted only in the southern island of Cheng, due to the metal's lightness and buoyancy. Construction was oversaw by Grit Maynard and was completed in 658 AU in time for the Midnight Hand's second attempted assault on Avo.

The ironclad was discovered by Mary the Mute and with the help of her aid, Sampson, she managed to damage the side of the ship with an on board cannon. The Blackest Night was forced to return to the Hand's base in Whiteport, where it could undergo repairs. But after losing their base in Pokol, the damage had been done and could not be repaired.

Command of the ship was later given to Doctor Pestilence to help secure Midnight Hand presence in Blackport if his plague tactics failed. This time they were sure to keep the ship well hidden. The Doctor's failure became apparent in the winter of 659 AU after the initial invasion of the Ninth Barbarian Invasion. Mary the Mute again sniffed out the ship and after a brief skirmish with the royal Pineland army, the Doctor was forced to bombard the port with the ironclad. Leading a small armada with Grit Maynard at the helm, Mary succeeded in defeating the ironclad by ramming its weakened hole that she had created months ago in Pokol, cracking the ship in half. As a last attempt on her life, the Doctor lit all gunpowder kegs aboard the ship, causing a massive explosion in the harbor. Mary and Grit both escaped, unfortunately, and the Night's remains sunk into the ocean.

After the Invasion, King Vane Drago ordered the ship salvaged and studied. Though he lacked the proper metal to accurately mimic the ship's design, King Vane still ordered his engineers to create an acceptable alternative. Thus the Night gave way to a whole new future set of ironclads