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Gunpowder or black powder was a explosive substance created by a Pale Reach immigrant by the name of Fanny Abbott in the 620's AU. The mineral is combined of sulfur and a special type of crystal most commonly found in Berma's mountains. When ignited, the powder would explode, making it ideal for use in the mines of Berma. The substance was made public through its use by the Midnight Hands whom created the first primitive rifles. After this fiasco, King Juilus Narvineous made further use of the gunpowder through the Berman War, making Berma a feared power in the west of the Eastern Territories. In modern times, gunpowder use has spread into Avalot and its allies, with even Westward acquiring some rifles in goodwill.


There have been three primary uses for gunpowder in the continent of Holme.

  1. Rifles- The obvious use of the black powder is for the creation of guns. The concept of the rifle was developed by Prince Jamie Narvineous before he passed the project to Fanny Abbott. Later, rifles became the primary weapon of choice for the Berman army.
  2. Explosives- The original purpose of gunpowder was to help clear out mines quicker. By placing the powder in barrels and attaching a fuse, users have been known to level entire buildings with only a few kegs.
  3. Cannons- A more recent invention conceptualized by Jamie Narvineous. Designed to be fired from ships as a siege weapon, cannons became a great boon for the Pinelands after the Ninth Barbarian Invasion.


As gunpowder gained a more widespread reach, perception of the substance has became less surrounded in myth. But during the reign of Emperor Juilus Narvineous, Berma kept as tight a lock on information regarding the powder. Because the outside world's only experience with the substance was the Berman War, many people assumed gunpowder was magic. It was widely feared for many years until 659 AU, when it was used to defend Avalot from the Westwardens.