Ferywyn Forest
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Ferywyn Forest is the largest forest in the known world, located in Avalot directly above Avo a few dozen miles.


The forest was first settled in the early days of Avalot's founding. Being the largest nearby woods, it quickly became the source of most lumber in the upper territory. Originally, there were only a few small villages that claimed the woods as their home. One such village was Mayford, founded in 499 AU during the conflicts between Avalot and the Pale Reach. Eventually, the forest became a major road for travel between the east with the west when the port of Whiteport was established in 536 AU along the White River as the river ran right through the woods.

In the modern day, the forest is seen as a hub of travel between Avalot and Berma. Many choose to take the safer route of using boats to go between east and west rather than risk the roads. Mayford is the largest city in the area and an important checkpoint for any would-be traveler.


  • Mayford- The unofficial capital of the forest, located a long the White River. Serves as both a home to the Maynards and a hub of trade with the west.
  • Last Wood- The last village near the Baltic Hills after the Berman War.
  • Northwatch- One of the last northern villages in Avalot before entering Highrise.
  • Castle Snow- The location of the Stout clan. Also known for a vast amount of gold in the nearby mountains.